Plastic model kit of animal is in itself pretty unusual (read: weird), let alone one that is Evangelion-themed. That’s right. Plastic model kit is not just about military hardware, aircraft, characters and vehicles; it also has the animal kingdom covered and also yes, there is actually Evangelion Crayfish aka crawfish model kit too.

Fujimi Mokei Evangelion American Crayfish Model Kit

From Fujimi Mokei is the Evangelion American Crayfish Model Kit. The kit is basically based on the Japanese model kit maker’s Louisiana Crawfish aka freshwater mudbug model kit upgraded with parts molded in either EVA-01 or EVA-02’s signature colors – specifically the colors of the respective mechas as seen in Rebuild of Evangelion.

Each model kit includes stickers for EVA-01 or EVA-02’s markings. Beyond the EVA theme, each mudbug model features movable front claws with pinching action, movable legs (2nd to 5th), and a posable tail. And oh, the abdomen to tail can take on a curled up posture – just like the real creature does.

Fujimi Mokei Evangelion American Crayfish Model Kit

When completed each plastic crawfish model measures about 23 cm by 14 cm by 6 cm (9.1 x 5.5 x 2.4 inches).

The Fujimi Mokei Evangelion American Crayfish Model Kit is set to release in October 2021 for 5,280 yen (about US$48) each. It is available a choice of EVA-01 or EVA-02 colors. The model kit is part of Fujimi Mokei’s Free Study series x Evangelion collection.

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P.S. You can also find both EVA-01 and EVA-02 Crayfish Model Kits being sold on Hobbylink Japan for US$38 each.

Images: Fujimi Mokei [JP].

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