Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker

Candlelight and music are the obvious elements for a romantic evening at home. With the Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker it get both of it in one portable package. And portable means romantic setup can be anywhere of your choosing.

Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker

As the model name implies, Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker is a follow up to 2019’s LSPX-S2. This means, inherits most of the aesthetic and features, including the calm, illuminating function.

The new LSPX-S3 features Sony’s Advanced Vertical Drive Technology that uses 3 actuators that discreetly vibrate the glass which serve as the speaker’s tweeter for 360 sound.

Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker

Underneath the glass tweeter is a large 46 mm speaker unit that promised well-balanced mid-range, a passive radiator for clear low-end, and of course, a Bluetooth module.

Hopeless romantics who can’t enough of low-end sound can take advantage of “Bass Boost mode” for punchier sound while LDAC technology ensures high-quality sound transmission.

Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker

On the illumination department, it has 32 of brightness, adjustable by sliding the key on the touch sensor. It, of course, has a candlelight mode that offers subtle illumination that flickers like an actual candle.

Two LSPX-S3 can be connected to created a stereo setup and each speaker has 8 hours of battery on a single charge.

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The Sony LSPX-S3 Glass Sound Speaker will be available to order in August 2021 for US$349.99.

Images: Sony Electronics.