Fujimi Mokei Gave Its Velociraptor Plastic Model Kit The Evangelion Colors

Well, what do you know? The Evangelion color American Crayfish plastic model kit isn’t the last of the animal model kit to be treated to Evangelion colors. There was the Unit 01 and Unit 08 color-themed Okamakiri aka praying mantis plastic model kit, and now, the Velociraptor plastic model kit has been given the Evangelion …

Oh Look, Evangelion Is Now An American Crayfish Model Kit Too

Plastic model kit of animal is in itself pretty unusual (read: weird), let alone one that is Evangelion-themed. That’s right. Plastic model kit is not just about military hardware, aircraft, characters and vehicles; it also has the animal kingdom covered and also yes, there is actually Evangelion Crayfish aka crawfish model kit too.

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