Well, what do you know? The Evangelion color American Crayfish plastic model kit isn’t the last of the animal model kit to be treated to Evangelion colors. There was the Unit 01 and Unit 08 color-themed Okamakiri aka praying mantis plastic model kit, and now, the Velociraptor plastic model kit has been given the Evangelion treatment too.

Free Research 302 Evangelion Edition Velociraptor Unit 02

There are two flavors of the Free Research Evangelion Edition Velociraptor: one in Unit 01 colors and another in Unit 02 colors. Like the previous Fujimi Mokei EVA crossovers, the velociraptor is based on the original Independent Research kits which, in this instance, would be the Independent Research 3: Kyouryuu Velociraptor model kit.

Similarly, the snap-fit parts are all color molded thus allowing them to be assembled without painting. Stickers are also supplied to complete the look. For those who like digging into details, you may want to know the colors of the respective versions are based on the New Theatrical Version, not the anime.

Free Research Evangelion Edition Velociraptor

The Free Research 301 Evangelion Edition Velociraptor Unit 01 and the Free Research 302 Evangelion Edition Velociraptor Unit 02 are expected to be available starting on December 12, priced at 2,920 yen (about 21.50 USD based on today’s going rate).

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Images: Fujimi Mokei [JP].

via Siliconera.

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