Free Research Evangelion Edition Beetle

For model builders who cannot get enough models of lifeform in the iconic colors of the Evangelion units, you are in luck because joining the Free Research Velociraptor and American Crayfish is EVA-themed Beetle. There is something different with the EVA-themed beetle, though.

Free Research Evangelion Edition Beetle

Two species of beetle models are offered, namely, a rhinoceros beetle and a stag beetle. The former is presented in Evangelion Unit-01 colors while the latter is in Unit-02 colors. The eyes of the beetle are also modeled to mimic the respective EVA units. Not going to lie. Unit 02 Beetle eyes looked kind of sinister.

Anyways, like the previous model from Fujimi Mokei’s Free Research series, the completed model does have some articulation. In the case of these beetles, the horns and legs are poseable. Even better yet is that each model give you the option of recreating a beetle in flight with replacement parts in the form of extended wings. I don’t believe a flight stand is included for the full effect.

Free Research Evangelion Edition Beetle

In addition to the obvious color reference, each model also comes with decals of the respective EVA units, giving you the choice of fully decorating the beetle with the EVA unit’s markings.

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Both the Free Research Series No. 215 Evangelion Edition Beetle First Unit and the Free Research Series No. 226 Evangelion Edition Bettle Stag Beetle Unit-02 will be available in Japan starting on July 06, 2023, priced at 4,180 yen (about US$31) per kit. If anyone’s down, both the Unit-01 rhinoceros beetle and the Unit-02 stag beetle are available for pre-order now from Amazon Japan.

Images: Fujimi Mokei [JP].

via Siliconera.