Apogee MiC / Zacuto Zgrip Jr. Kit

Apogee MiC / Zacuto Zgrip Jr. Kit
Apogee MiC / Zacuto Zgrip Jr. Kit | US$289.95 | www.apogeedigital.com

the market is certainly no shortage of purpose-built rig to turn your iPhone into a full-fledge videoing rig. we ourselves have seen plenty of them but you know what’s missing from these rigs? a good, big pro-grade microphone to capture the pristine audio to match with the iPhone’s beautiful full HD 1080p video recording. this is where the marriage between Apogee’s MiC, a studio-quality condenser microphone and Zacuto’s Zgrip Jr will fill in that largely ignored but equally significant void. the setup is a no brainer, just snap your iPhone into the cradle on the handgrip, plug in the microphone and you are all set. the handgrip features a 1/4 20″ thread on the bottom and the top for attaching the rig to a tripod and for affixing the Apogee MiC, respectively. nothing of a rocket science but it just works. needless to say, have a real pistol grip is definitely sturdier than trying to capture your recordings with two hands on a tiny phone. additionally, the Apogee MiC boast to be the first studio-quality microphone that can make a direct digital connection to GarageBand on your iPhone, iPad, as well as Mac machines. thanks to its PureDigital technology, what you will get is pristine sound of natural tone of voice or instrument. for $289.95, the Apogee MiC / Zacuto Zgrip Jr. Kit comprises of the Apogee MiC, Zacuto Zgrip Jr., a 0.5m cable for hooking up to iPad or iPhone, a meter cable for connection to Mac machine, a desktop tripod, and a MiC stand adaptor. so whether you are bubbling iPhonegrapher or serious journalist, this rig should pretty much have you covered.

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