GloveShot Slingshot

GloveShot Slingshot
GloveShot Slingshot | US$189.95 |

who haven’t fiddled with a slingshot in their childhood? we are guessing, most of us did (as to what you did with it, we wouldn’t want to delve into it). as you may have witnessed across the Internet, slingshot has evolved quite significantly and is being enjoyed by growth up too, albeit those growth up’s rig are a whole lot more sophisticated and some even potentially lethal. the GloveShot Slingshot you see here may be a non-lethal one but it is still a weapon which should pack quite a punch but one thing that dig about this slingshot is its uber cool look. it is designed with a hand brace for enhanced stability and to allow for use with bands with higher pull weight. in doing so, it also comply with laws in some states, provinces, and countries which have banned slingshots that brace against the forearm (seriously, we have no clue about these ‘laws’ at all). additionally, this over-hand design also enables the shot to be taken almost in line with the arm’s length much like an archer with bow and arrow, thus allowing the shooter to take aim down the length of the arm. the slingshot is made up three parts, held together by four stainless steel pins and two stainless steel check nuts which allow for quick disassembly and reassembly when needed, and the construction can be flipped to suit both righties and lefties. its waterjet cut aluminum frame allows for a stock pull weight of 16 pounds but it could easily use one that’s 30 to 35 pounds. finally, a paracord with a breaking strength of 550 pounds wraps up the slingshot and the brace for that extra toughness and rugged aesthetic. it can be yours if you can pass the law of your place of residence and also, its $189.95 asking price.

Montie Gear via Uncrate

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