Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC

Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC
Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC | from US$999.00 |

still hanging on to PC gaming despite the lure of equally capable console system? we admire you dedication and for that perseverance, we ought to introduce you to the newest gaming rig on the block: the Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC. the Bolt is the slimmest gaming rig Digital Storm to date and it measures just 3.6-inch wide (9.1 cm – now eat this, Alienware X51) and aesthetically, it is quite a looker as well. you can’t blame us for falling for its look without even reaching out to the specs, cos’ we have this particular penchant for edgy designs. anyway, standing at 14 inches tall (35.6 cm), it is capable of supporting up to three hard drives (of which, two are SSDs and one regular HDD) and boasting a design that promised to “stay cool even under the most extreme gaming sessions.” the Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC offers four level of configuration with a starting price of just $999 for Level 1 and runs up to a starting price of $1,949 for Level 4 config. basically, what you are looking at is up to Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge processor, up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM (1600 MHz, no less), up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics with 2GB of VRAM, up to 120GB SSD plus 1TB HDD and a slim 8X DVD-RW (yes, no Blu-ray) for the top of the food chain config. for hard core gamers, you be glad to know that it can handle even the extreme overclocking without puffing out due to heat issues – all thanks to its high-performance CPU cooling solution of five copper heat pipes. check out a (very) short product intro clip (more like ad) after the break.

Digital Storm via Hardwarezone

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