Here’s a classy way to get your Apple AirTag to tag to your belongings: AirTag Keychain by KILLSPENCER. Unlike Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, there is no way to attach Apple’s first Bluetooth tracker to anywhere without an accessory (or making a hole).

Leather AirTag Keychain by KILLSPENCER

Hence, the slew of accessories from Apple, including the ultimate in luxury offered by Hermès. AirTag Hermès is, without doubt, chic, classy and luxurious, but would you pay upwards of US$349 to hold a US$29 item? Well, if not, then you may find the same level of luxe with the US$40 AirTag Keychain by KILLSPENCER.

It is made of full-grain leather paired to what appears to be metal hardware for the keychain attachment. Very classy indeed and pairs up perfectly with KILLSPENCER AirPods Keychain.

Leather AirTag Keychain by KILLSPENCER


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