We stumble upon the news about this striking, to-drool-for golden Leica camera days ago. Since then we have been searching high and low for the source but we are unable to pinpoint the origin of the story. We concluded that the news was provided by Thai Beverage, a Thai distillery, that has teamed up with Leica for this very limited-edition camera in honor of the coronation of Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

Leica M10-P Royal Thai Limited Edition Kit

The camera that has gotten the gold-plated treatment is the M10-P. It is not just gold in color, btw. It is plated with real gold and in a tasteful matte finish. It is an absolute beauty. The M10-P has seen many guises, from Kevlar to all-white body to “Ghost”. They are all pricey but the Royal Thai Limited Edition has to be the priciest and the rarest of all.

The entire camera is gold-plated, save for the center body which is wrapped in yellow crocodile leather. Moreover, the Royal Thai emblem can be engraved on the top plate – just so that everyone is aware that this is no ordinary limited-edition Leica; it is a Royal Thai limited edition Leica.

Leica M10-P Royal Thai Limited Edition Kit

The camera is accompanied by APO Summicron 50/2 ASPH and Summilux 35/1.4 ASPH lenses – in matching matte gold plating, naturally. Only 10 sets will be made available. Additionally, a green crocodile version, with an APO Summicron 50/2 ASPH lens, will be released. The green model will have 20 sets to go around.

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The exact pricing for these two super exclusive and super ostentatious cameras is not known. However, according to Photography Daily Theme, the green model is expected to sell for around US$30,000 while the yellow model will command about US$50,000.

Both versions will come with an exclusive wooden case.

Images: ThaiBev via Photography Daily Theme.

via PetaPixel.

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