Are you bothered by the shutter noise of a camera? Or maybe in your line of work (I won’t ask, I promised), you require barely noticeable shutter noise? Well, if so and if you have the dough to drop, Leica has the answer and it is called M10-P. M10-P is the latest member of Leica M series. It has a design that screams “rangefinders!” But more importantly, it has a near-silent shutter, so that you can go on and shoot without disturbing your subject(s).

Leica M10-P Digital Camera

Even the aesthetic is rather discreet too – thanks to lack of the highly iconic Leica red dot branding. I guess this is the camera for someone who need to be ‘sniper’ shooter who has very high value clienteles because, after all, this shooter is beyond pricey. It costs as much as a cinematic camera, coming in at $7,995. Ouch. Leica M10-P Digital Camera features a full-metal magnesium alloy chassis with solid brass components and it is rubber sealed for protection against light showers and dust.

Leica M10-P Digital Camera

Other noteworthy highlights include 24 MP full-frame CMOS sensor, latest-generation of Leica Maestro-II image processor, ISO sensitive range of 100-50,000, ISO setting dial, a new touch function system with Corning Gorilla Glass, a programmable ‘Favorites’ menu, Live View function with two focusing methods, integrated WLAN module, built-in level gauge, improved viewfinder with larger FoV and increased eye-relief distance, fast continuous shooting of up to 5 fps, color-matched hot shoe cover, Leica M-App enabled, and compatibility with Leica Visoflex and R-Lenses.

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Leica M10-P Digital Camera is available in a choice of Black Chrome or Silver Chrome, priced at the aforementioned $7,995 a pop.

Leica M10-P Digital Camera

Images: Leica.

Source: Cool Hunting.

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