Golden Gate Reaper by Justin LeDuc

Superheroes and magic aren’t real, but with a knack for digital special effects, an everyday person can do magic and sometimes even make people fall for it. Case in point: this giant Golden Gate Reaper that appeared to be looming over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, digitally created by Canadian artist Justin LeDuc. This is not a still digital render, btw. It was a video that was made to look like it was “captured” on video by someone inside a helicopter.

What made this digital special effect even creepier was the the low light, the helicopter’s signature rotor sound and the howling wind and brewing water beneath the bridge. Even more creepier was, Mr Red Reaper, who had one hand on the vertical support structure and the other, on the suspension wires, was turning its head seemingly observing the traffic below (and possibly hatching some evil intent). The overall mood is grim. Like a scene out of some horror flicks.

It was so convincing that, apparently, some people thought that it was real. The lesson learned from Justin LeDuc’s creation? Don’t believe everything you see from now on – even if the so called evidence has a video attached to it. Seriously, with powerful graphics technology like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX and its ray tracing technology, digital world is only getting more and more realistic that it quickly blurs the line between what’s real and what’s not.

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Image: Justin LeDuc.

Source: Laughing Squid.