Giant Golden Gate Bridge Grim Reaper Was So Real, It’d Give You The Creep

Superheroes and magic aren’t real, but with a knack for digital special effects, an everyday person can do magic and sometimes even make people fall for it. Case in point: this giant Golden Gate Reaper that appeared to be looming over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, digitally created by Canadian artist Justin LeDuc. […]

Artist Memukhin Oleg Creates Life-like Holographic Aquarium That’s Strangely Mesmerizing

I love ornamental fishes, but never own an aquarium myself due to the hassle that entails with such strangely tranquil hobby. However, if the said aquarium is a result of CGI, such as this mesmerizing example created by Russian artist Memukhin Oleg, which requires no attention, water change and whatsoever, then I may changed my […]

CGI Brought Paul Walker Back to Life to Complete Fast & Furious 7

Losing a key cast member is every filmmaker’s nightmare, but as unfortunate as it is, it sometimes happen and the history has proof to show which includes 1962 Something’s Got to Give, the “famously cursed” 1978 Game of Death, and more recently, Gladiators (2000) and Fast & Furious 7 (2015), where Paul Walker left us […]

Axe killer Animatronic Door Haunted House Prop

so what exactly is an ANIMATRONIC DOOR Haunted House Prop? it is a door with a LCD that resembles a window showing a corridor on ‘the other side of the door’. a dude that appears to be an…