Don’t need to answer that because, there is only one answer: it is freaking awesome. Don’t believe? Just watch what YouTube channel ImmersionVFX did with some fight scenes from John Wick.

After watching it, I am confident that you will agree with us. Well, unless you are a staunch John Wick purist or you hate lightsaber, or you just love good’ol, boring sword and gun fights.

John Wick with Lightsabers by ImmersionVFX

Anywho, the edit is so well executed that we forgot that this isn’t the original (OK, I may have exaggerated here, but you get the idea).

It feels authentic and while John Wick is no Mace Windu (who, btw, is the only Jedi wield the purple lightsaber), it looks like the character is fitting to the significance of the blade. But we shall not debate that here.

If you like to, you can read more about the significance of the purple lightsaber blade HERE. Meanwhile, treat yourself to Keanu Reeves’ lightsaber-wielding adventure in the video below.

Images: YouTube (ImmersionVFX).

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