Forget about Google Translator. It is said that wherever you go, music is the universal language. So, pack your huge-ass piano and hit the road because, you are about to connect with people. Oh, not really. You can’t pack a piano, can you? You could go the iPad way, or guitar sounds good too, but imagine leaving your guitar at the mercy of baggage handlers. Tell you what. Perhaps this ukulele here, called Ava, could be a better travel companion candidate.

Ava Electric Travel Ukulele

It is a purpose-designed ukulele. One that is designed to travel while not sacrificing sound quality. It is super compact – like very, very compact. For starter, it does away with traditional head and then, it has a retractable forearm rest that further shrinks its length. Without the head and the forearm rest retracted, it measures just 16 inches long. Super, super compact. The retractable forearm rest is what I thought gave it the contemporary curves. It kind of give it the fit-for-Fifth Element look.

Ava Electric Travel Ukulele

Being a made-for-travel ukulele, it is designed to stand up to the rigors of traveling with polymer composite blend material that is scratch-, shatter- and warp-resistant while wood accents lends it the traditional look. Understanding that the size may impact its sound quality, Ava’s creator has incorporated a speaker to amplify vibrations from the strings, and there’s even a 3.5 mm headphone jack too, so you could play to your heart’s content without rousing everyone from their sleep.

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Ava Electric Travel Ukulele

Finally, there is the patent-pending space-saving Turnkey Tuner system, located at the lower back of the instrument. This key is magnetic; it sticks to its “dock” securely and Ava needs a little tuning, it is just right there. Just pick it up and fit into the desired tuning pegs and do your things. A few other features include, sliding volume control, on/off button, battery LED indicator, and a built-in battery good for up to 6 hours per charge – rechargeable via the micro USB port.

Ava Electric Travel Ukulele

Ava Electric Travel Ukulele is created by founder of Novako Music who have take it to Kickstarter to tell the world about this fabulous 4-string musical instrument. Despite having a rather lofty goal of 30K, the campaign went on to be funded in 16 hours. Impressive. If you wish, you can join the 150 backers in pre-ordering for $299. Some of words of advice, though. There are only 10 pieces left. So, if you really want one, you have to act on it fast. Like, really, really fast.

Images courtesy of Ava/Candace Chen.

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