Ava Is Not Your Usual Ukulele. It’s Electric And Very Unusual Looking

Forget about Google Translator. It is said that wherever you go, music is the universal language. So, pack your huge-ass piano and hit the road because, you are about to connect with people. Oh, not really. You can’t pack a piano, can you? You could go the iPad way, or guitar sounds good too, but […]

Finally, A Ukulele That Fits What It Is Meant To Do: Travel And Doing So Without Breaking The Bank

When we talk about apocalypse, we almost always speak of survival tools. No doubt survival tools are requisites to our continual survival, but what’s life without music? We would probably go into psychological meltdown even before the walking dead devours us. Having said that, it would pointless if your trusty, most popular travel instrument, the […]

Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele

Les Paul styling is among the most copied guitar design (other than the iconic Stratocaster) in guitar design’s history and since celebrated rockers are also inducting Ukulele into their arsenal of string instruments, it make perfect sense for this four strings ‘little brother’ to rock the same iconic design, and hence, the birth of the Epiphone Les Paul Ukulele