Plush toys of animals are often cute and cuddly. Beyond that, they are just, well, plush toys. There’s really nothing much to explore beyond what it has on the outside, but that’s not case with Morris. Morris, named after the deceased gold fishes of creator and multidisciplinary artist Rachel Ciavarella, is a fish plush toy with a twist, like almost literally. Morris can be turned inside out, exposing its innards in all its glory (if you can even described that as ‘glory’).

According to Rachel, the stuffed animal fish’s innards are made out of different materials which allows for “a new and playful way to experience everyday materials.” Well, I am clueless on how exactly is that fun, but one thing for sure, it is a refreshing take of a plush toy and it will let both young and old have one more thing to do (with a plushy) other than crushing it periodically.

Morris The Reversible Fish Plush Toy

Morris was initially handmade in small numbers by Rachel herself, but now Rachel is tasking Big Idea Design in Illinois to roll out more so that more folks can start examining the inside of a fish (albeit one that’s not quite anatomically accurate). Speaking of which, Rachel needs a little financial backing to do so and hence, this is why Morris is now on Kickstarter, appealing for you support.

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If all goes as planned, a 40 dollars pledge will land you a Morris The Reversible Fish Plush Toy which, surprisingly, will take quite a well to deliver – in July 2017.

Morris The Reversible Fish Plush Toy

Morris The Reversible Fish Plush Toy

Morris The Reversible Fish Plush Toy

Images: Rachel Ciavarella.

Kickstarter via Laughing Squid

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