Suck UK switch notes fit over your traditional light switch

Suck UK Switch Notes 544x388px
(credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Switch Notes | £7.50 |

who doesn’t know Post It sticky notes? the familiar yellow sticky notes that we rely to remind us of the little things in life, before smartphones (and earlier, PDA) took over this reminding chore. SUCK UK has taken a new twist to sticky note pad by introducing one that conveniently stick on your traditional light switch so that you can be reminded about things (whatever you wish, really) while on you are on the way out. assuming that you have the good habit of switching off the lights on your way out.
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i wouldn’t call it the biggest invention of the century but it does help, especially when you have a hole in the middle of this nifty sticky notepad that fits traditional light switch and it even have a small lip up at the top that you can keep a pencil handy for jotting down the reminders. simple things that make life better and it cost just £7.50 a pop (about US$12).

Suck UK Switch Notes 544x311px

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