Build your own Museum of Natural History right in your humble abode without the need for a warehouse-size space with the Star Ace x X-Plus Woolly Mammoth Statue.

Star Ace x X-Plus Woolly Mammoth Statue

A product of a collaboration between Star Ace and X-Plus, and part of the Wonder Wild series featuring real ancient animals, the Star Ace x X-Plus Woolly Mammoth statue was sculpted by renowned animal sculptor Sean Cooper from polyresin and painted by Japanese artisans at X-Plus.

Each life-like prehistoric creature comes with an environment base, which in this case is a snow-covered rocky terrain, with a nameplate identifying their scientific name and habitat.

Star Ace x X-Plus Woolly Mammoth Statue

“The Woolly Mammoth or Mammuthus primigenius roamed much of the Northern Hemisphere as recently as 4,000 years ago. Standing approximately 3 meters tall and weighing over six tonnes, this elephant ancestor was an important resource for early humans.”

Thankfully, you don’t a plaza-size space for it. This super cool polyresin statue stands 28 cm tall and measures 39 cm long (11″ by 15″). It is still huge by collectible statue standards, but manageable by most collectors.

Star Ace x X-Plus Woolly Mammoth Statue

The Star Ace x X-Plus Wonders of the Wild Woolly Mammoth Statue is open for pre-orders in Japan on Shonen Ric for 29,480 yen. It is also available to order on popular online retailers, like Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, and Sideshow for around US$239.99-US$298.99.

Star Ace x X-Plus Woolly Mammoth Statue

Images: Shonen Ric [JP].

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