Thanks to the Internet, we are starting to find out that businesses do have a sense of humor. Wendy’s is a good example, but today, it is not about Wendy’s. Today’s spotlight is on Reebok and it is not about the sporting company’s Alien kicks either; it is about how Reebok is having some fun with Nordstrom’s fake mud-coated denim that went viral a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, in response to Nordstrom’s ‘sensational’ jeans that had the honor of being lambasted by celebrities like Mike Rowe, Reebok has “introduced” an “authentic sweat shirt,” which you may have guessed it, is literally a shirt stains with sweat.

Reebok Authentic ‘Pre-sweat’ Sweat Shirt

The company described it as a shirt created by its hard working staff who “find time to sweat it out during the day” in order to recreate the sweat-laden tee so you don’t have to. In other words, you’d be bagging yourself a shirt that comes with post-workout look and smell. Ewwwww… Reebok even go to length to emphasize that the shirt features “actual stains that will last forever,” on the condition that you never wash it, and it also touts, “accurate placement of stains… for maximum visibility.” But those are not it; the Canton, Massachusetts company even ‘priced’ it at the same $425 for good measure, but it is marked as “sold out” because, obviously, it is not a real thing. Just a good sense of humor on Reebok’s part.

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Well, what can I say? Reebok Authentic ‘Pre-sweat’ Sweat Shirt sure beats Nordstrom’s Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans in the authenticity department! LoL! Reebok wasn’t the only business that made fun of another business’ product lately; Ikea also brilliantly trolled Balenciaga when it found out the French luxury fashion house is peddling a pricey copycat Frakta Tote Bag. Needless to say, we had a good laugh too.

Reebok Authentic ‘Pre-sweat’ Sweat Shirt

Images: Reebok.

Reebok via BallerStatus.

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