you know what women need besides more winks? attention. that’s what. this is where the problem starts, especially when you are a bro person, or perhaps one who are perpetually glued to the game console, which means you need all the time can harness – for yourself and yet not being a shitty boyfriend who doesn’t pay attention to her. well, fret not bros cos’ help is here by the way of a virtual wingman known as BroApp. this $1.99 Android app (coming soon for iOS) automatically sends pre-composed text messages, which you select from the templates or compose your own, to your girlfriend at schedule timings, thereby creating an illusion that you are always thinking about her. aw… that’s so sweet right? well, to the girl, it appears to be so, but to you, you just earn yourself the concentration time you need for whatever you need or want to do.

the two Australians (collectively known as Factorial Products) behind this app doesn’t stop at the auto-messaging feature; the BroApp is designed to have you covered to prevent awkward situations like sending the lovely messages when you are actually at her home, or have just contacted or exchanged texts with her in the past hour. the app is smart enough to prevent that from happening, thereby saving yourself from awkward moments like “honey, why are asking how’s my day when we just texted each other?” or “darling, why are you messaging me when you at my place?” you get the idea.

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the BroApp sounds like a life-saver for bros out there, but the app is by itself quite a bit of attention seeker and the black and yellow tuxedo-style icon don’t quite help to keep the attention away. that said, any ladies will bound to be curious about what’s the app is about and this is where a “girlfriend safety lockdown” comes into play. if the girl starts meddling with the app, it will direct your nosy gal to a list of gifts you were “planning to buy” her. seriously. the most comprehensive virtual wingman, ever. check out a pretty self-explanatory/demo video below to learn more.

BroApp via Geekologie via Hatke Shaadi

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