Holographic Aquarium ‘Fishing Day’ by Memukhin Oleg

I love ornamental fishes, but never own an aquarium myself due to the hassle that entails with such strangely tranquil hobby. However, if the said aquarium is a result of CGI, such as this mesmerizing example created by Russian artist Memukhin Oleg, which requires no attention, water change and whatsoever, then I may changed my mind. Entitled “Fishing Day”, this digital art has just six seconds of animated sequence in which hyperrealistic CGI school of fishes are brought to life using a “fish flocking model” developed using a graphics application called Houdini.

The holographic marine lifeforms react to a moving ‘submarine’ held by the artist, going through four stages of movement that mimics its real-life counterparts, including cohesion, separation and alignment, obstacle avoidance, and flee behavior. The result is breathtaking and oddly mesmerizing holographic effect that we can’t help to keep looping the uber short video. Don’t believe? See it for yourself in the embedded video below.

P.S. We believe the soundtrack used does play a part in the tranquility.

via Laughing Squid via the creator projects