Digital Storm VELOX Is A High Performance Gaming Rig That Lets You Show Off Its Internals

if you are a hardcore PC gamer who demands raw performance and the aesthetic to match, then we think custom gaming rig maker, Digital Storm, might have what you are looking for. described as “an enthusiast level machine engineered to shatter benchmarks and blow the doors off the most demanding next-gen games,” the VELOX custom …

Digital Storm VANQUISH II Gaming PC

as compared to its console counterpart, PC gaming rigs were never as affordable, but specialist gaming rig maker Digital Storm wants to draw the gap closer with the VANQUISH II Gaming PC. with a starting sticker of $699, the VANQUISH II wants you to keep up with graphic intensive games at maximum settings without…

Digital Storm Bolt II Gaming PC

can’t get enough Steam OS, but not ready to forsake the ‘trusty’ Windows games? well, then the Digital Storm Bolt II Gaming PC should have you covered. unveiled earlier at the 2014 International CES, this small form factor (SFF) gaming rig is a hybrid Steaming Machine gaming PC

Digital Storm 13.3″ VELOCE Gaming Laptop

it may not be the slimmest gaming laptop in the market, but as far as mobility goes, the Digital Storm 13.3″ VELOCE Gaming Laptop could just be the right balance between portability and brawl gaming power. weighing in a just 4.6 pounds (2 kilograms), the measures 1.26 inches thick (3 centimeters) and is equipped with

Digital Storm Aventum II Gaming PC

a serious gaming rig is more than just brute force; it should be able to deal with the immense heat generated by those top shelf components. most gaming rig manufacturers don’t quite see eye-to-eye with this fact and offers “just enough” to cool, but that’s not the case with the Digital Storm Aventum II Gaming PC. to keep things damn seriously cool

Digital Storm VIRTUE Gaming PC

if the introduction of the 4th generation Intel Core CPU and NVIDIA GTX 700 series graphics, sends you into a gaming PC shopping spree, then you might want to check out this latest rig from Digital Storm: the VIRTUE Gaming PC. what makes the VIRTUE stands out is, Digital Storm lists out what brand and make of components that goes into the rig

Digital Storm Bolt Titan Edition Gaming PC

gaming technology evolves so quickly that there’s no real good time to buy a gaming PC but now that the world’s fastest graphics, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Graphics Card is official, perhaps this is the good time. Digital Storm is among the first PC maker to offer a gaming rig packed

Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC

still hanging on to PC gaming despite the lure by equally capable console system? we admire you dedication and for that perseverance, we ought to introduce you to the newest gaming rig on the block: the Digital Storm Bolt Gaming PC. the Bolt is the slimmest gaming rig Digital Storm to date and it measures just 3.6-inch wide (9.1 cm – now eat this, Alienware X51) and…