as compared to its console counterpart, PC gaming rigs were never as affordable, but specialist gaming rig maker Digital Storm wants to draw the gap closer with the VANQUISH II Gaming PC. with a starting sticker of $699, the VANQUISH II wants you to keep up with graphic intensive games at maximum settings without breaking the bank. it might still considered pricey when stacked up against consoles, but it offers up to three times the graphics resolution, while Digital Storm’s open architecture ensures upgradeability to keep the rig abreast with the latest gaming technology, so you can play the latest titles without sacrificing visual and/or performance qualities.

four desktop configurations are being offered, starting from ‘Good’ with NVIDIA GTX 750 1GB graphics and Intel Core i3 4330 processor (and 8GB of RAM to boot) to the ‘Ultimate’ featuring NVIDIA GTX 770 2GB graphics and Intel Core i5 4570 processor. unlike traditional build-to-order system, Digital Storm promised to deliver the VANQUISH II within 72 hours from the time you placed the order, and between your order and shipping, it will still be put through Digital Storm’s rigorous stress testing, benchmarking and multipoint quality assurance inspection. pretty bold claim, don’t you think?

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