In the last post, we told you about an iPhone 13 Pro that pays homage to the iPhone that started it all. What if you are as big of a fan of Tesla and its prolific leader, Elon Musk too? Well, Caviar Phone have you covered. Meet the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro Edition

The Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro is a perfect tribute to Tesla Motors and its CEO Elon Musk. Mind you though.

This phone isn’t just a custom, luxury iPhone that associates itself with the electric vehicle maker by name; the metal part of the avant-garde back cover is made from metal melted from an actual Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle and so is the desktop bust of the Elon Musk, which you can also buy.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro Edition

The futuristic-looking back is not just random geometric shapes; on it, you can find the outline of Musk engraved on it, along with the outline of a Tesla EV and the Tesla logo. Rounding the design is a copper alloy as a nod to the key component of the batteries used in an EV.

The Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro has a limited run of 99 units worldwide and commands at least US$6,760 for the Pro model with 128 GB storage. Meanwhile, the Elon Musk bust, which comes with a tasteful marble stand and a gold-plated nameplate, sells for US$3,220.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro Edition

All images courtesy of Caviar Phone.

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