Caviar iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 2G Edition

If you are a super fan of Apple products with very deep pockets, you will want this custom iPhone from Russia-based luxury gadget maker, Caviar Phone. What you see here is a tribute to one of Apple’s greatest achievements: the iPhone.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 2G Edition

Folks, this is the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 2G Edition. Confused? Well, let me explain. This is the latest iPhone but with the spirit of the first iPhone, the iPhone 2G. The highlight of this exquisite phone is, of course, around the back where you can find a body made of aviation titanium and decorated with a laser-etched drawing of the iPhone 2G.

Obviously, that’s not it. Like the brand’s previous offering, which has a fragment of the PCB found on the Apple 1 computer on its back, the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 2G Edition also has a piece of the iPhone 2G on its back.

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 2G Edition

The fragment of the mainboard of the very first-generation Apple phone is placed in a sealed Apple logo capsule and filled with jewelry resin. Completing the design is Jobs’ signature engraved on the bottom of the device which is of titanium with black PVD coating.

If you ask me, it looks a bit awkward with a black bar below. It will be nice if the entire back is the design of the iPhone 2G. Just saying…

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What makes this phone even more special is, the fragment comes from an iPhone 2G belonging to Caviar Phone’s founder Sergey Kitov. The mainboard from Kitov’s iPhone 2G was divided into 19 pieces to produce 19 copies of this super limited edition Caviar iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 2G Edition.

The Caviar iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 2G Edition is available now from with a starting price of US$6,990.

While you are it, you may be interested in picking up the US$1,680 Steve Jobs bust. Bearing the likeness of Apple’s cofounder, the jewelry alloy-made bust features an opening on the chest’s left side and in it, is a 3D version of the Apple logo’s in gold. Beautiful.

However, we are not sure if Caviar did get the blessing of Apple for the use of Jobs’ signatory and likeness or not. If it didn’t, it may just disappear as the unsanctioned action figure did a few years ago.

Caviar Phone Steve Jobs Bust

All images courtesy of Caviar Phone.