DIY Perks, a DIY channel on YouTube that mostly DIY computer and computer-related peripherals like a suspended microphone and making a laptop out of a phone has gotten his hands wet to make a super cool remote control submarine.

DIY Radio Controlled Submarine by DIY Perks

There have been many DIY remote control submarines but this one by the British tinkerer is not your usual sub. DIY Perks’ sub does not have the typical look of a submarine.

It is the geekiest submarine we have ever seen – thanks to its mostly transparent construction, allowing the inner workings to be seen.

Buoyancy is controlled by two giant-size syringes on each end of the miniature submersible, each driven by a modified servo.

DIY Radio Controlled Submarine by DIY Perks

Interestingly, while most hobbyists would use electric motor-driven propeller(s) to power a model submarine, DIY Perks chose to go with hydro propulsion for all of the sub’s movements.

Using several small water pumps, this DIY submersible is able to turn, move from side to side, and move forward and backward.

For finishing touches, a camera was installed at the bow of the underwater vessel, and an additional camera was installed under the body, flanked by strips of LED lights, for a view of the bottom of the lake or river.

DIY Radio Controlled Submarine by DIY Perks

Not everyone will agree with the look of this homemade RC submarine but I personally think it looks awesome and the fact that it has hydro propulsion makes it all so cool. Go ahead and have a look at the build yourself in the video embedded below.

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Images: YouTube (DIY Perks).

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