In the unfortunate event that an old smartphone is rendered inoperable due to crack screen, don’t throw it away. Well, don’t throw it away if you have a knack for making things.

Turn Smashed Phone into A Functional Laptop

As demonstrated by DIY Perks (the brain behind the super cool invisible PC), a smashed Samsung Galaxy S8 could be turned into a functional laptop for basic uses like productivity and multimedia consumption.

It is actually pretty brilliant. Not going to lie. The resulting laptop looks little clunky, but somehow, it managed to look pretty sleek at the same time – perhaps thanks in part to the white finish and straight lines.

Turn Smashed Phone into A Functional Laptop

Granted, the reason S8 works well as the brain of this custom laptop is because of Samsung DeX, a built-in desktop functionality. But thankfully, there is no lacking of apps on the Google Play store that mimic a Windows environment.

Plus, if you are creative enough and has the technical knowledge, you may be able to incorporate the phone inside the laptop as opposed to on the outside as DIY Perks did.

Anyways, this turning smashed phone into a functional laptop is too cool not to be shared and so, here we are, talking about like an excited kid. Keep going for the video of the build process.

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Images: YouTube (DIY Perks).

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