Netflix Pacific Rim: The Black Teaser Trailer

Good news to all fans of kaiju. Pacific Rim animated series is finally streaming on Netflix. Netflix has just dropped the first teaser for the Pacific Rim anime, Pacific Rim: The Black.

Pacific Rim: The Black is, of course, based on Guillermo Del Toro’ movies. The anime-style animated series follows a pair of siblings in search for their parents while trying to survive together in a kaiju-torn world.

Apparently, the duo learned how to pilot an abandoned Jaeger. The teaser revealed a dystopian scene with voiceovers letting us know that Australia has fallen in the hands (or paws? Claws? Or?) of kaiju.

Netflix Pacific Rim: The Black Teaser Trailer

In the trailer, we have a good look at the pair of protagonists firing up a Jaeger. In addition, there are fragments of images like a fallen Jaeger (is that the Gipsy Danger?) and flashes of what appeared to be kaiju breaches.

Beyond that, the plot isn’t reveal. But the good news is, we won’t be left hanging there for long because, Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black will drop earlier than anyone can get their hands on COVID-19 vaccine. It will start streaming exclusively on Netflix on March 4, 2021.

The plan for the Pacific Rim animated series was announced in 2018, but it was only late year that the title was officially revealed.

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Keep going for the said teaser trailer.

Images: YouTube (Netflix).