ALPAKA Nano Phone Stand Kit

There are a lot to be excited about the ALPAKA Nano Phone Stand Kit. Nano Phone Stand may be tiny, but mighty. Very mighty. Billed as the world’s smallest phone stand, it is the size of a zipper pull which, thanks to the triple-layer weaved PA66 and Kevlar cable loop, lets it disguised as a convenient pull tab and thus making it easy to carry.

ALPAKA Nano Phone Stand Kit

It can fit just about anywhere; on your zipper on your bag, jacket, and stuff inside your wallet, or if you desire, serve as a keychain.

The DuPont USA-sourced polymer used in the main body is the same material used in space suit and promised not to scratch your phone even when carrying them in the same pocket or compartment.

ALPAKA Nano Phone Stand Kit

Interestingly, Nano Phone Stand claims to be self-sanitizing too – thanks to the embedded copper nano-particles that will destroy germs when they come in contact with it.

Strangely, but not unwelcome, is it even comes with a free SIM card holder and an ejector pin pull tab.

All these features comes in a package that weighs just 5g (0.17 oz) and a physical size of no larger than a grown person’s finger tip. Well, what can we say? Like the strongest wallet we saw a few of days, we are obliged to classify this as a prepper’s must-have. Also, it is priced at just 19 bucks a pop.

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Unfortunately, though, the last time we checked, ALPAKA Nano Phone Stand Kit was sold out. Ugh. If you really want one, be sure to get yourself signed to be notified when the product becomes available again.

Images: ALPAKA.

Source: The Gadgeteer.