Spontaneous Pop-up Display (SPUD) For Mobile Devices

SPUD Is A 24″Display For Your Mobile Devices That Slips Into Your Purse

Until, businesses have been touting projector as the solution to your tiny mobile device screen. Projectors sound good and all, except that you need a proper surface to get things going. Just when you thought that (projector) is the only way to go, a Huston-based startup came up with a brilliant solution. Called Spontaneous Pop-up Display, or SPUD in short, it is a solution that sits between lugging along a projector (and finding a proper flat surface) and actually bringing along a full-size monitor. Well, about the latter… SPUD is actually a 24-inch display.

Spontaneous Pop-up Display (SPUD) For Mobile Devices

The brilliant thing about this “display” is, it is designed to collapse and expand like an umbrella. Just think of it as a photography lighting umbrella of sort, except that it opens to enable the rear projector to put out an image on its expansive 24-inch display. So, who needs to lug along a heavy monitor to enjoy whatever that it is you enjoy on your smartphone on a large screen? No one and who needs to dim the lighting? No one, either, because SPUD is here to do the projecting. With SPUD, you’d be getting a display area 23 times bigger than a smartphone and four times that of a laptop.

The best part is, it folds down to the size of a book and weighs no more than 2 pounds. Additionally, SPUD features three unique patent-pending innovations, including a almost crease-free projection screen, an umbrella-style deployment for quick, one-step process, and a custom optics-equipped projector that enables it to display full quality images over a very short distance. SPUD uses HDMI to pull images from your mobile devices, but it can go wireless too if you plug a wireless adapter to the HDMI port.

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Not surprisingly, Arovia Inc., the company behind SPUD, has an endearing proposition which result in its Kickstarter campaign received over $700K of love from backers. The campaign has since ended, but the good news is, you can still preorder the Spontaneous Pop-up Display on Indiegogo for $399 a pop. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in August 2017.

Images: Arovia Inc.