end of life for unofficial Steve Jobs Action Figure

MIC Gadget Steve Jobs Action Figure 544px
(image credit: M.I.C Store) Steve Jobs Action Figure | US$NA | store.micgadget.com

just yesterday, Apple fanboys would be thrilled to own one of this unofficial Steve Jobs Action Figure. well… you can’t anymore. M.I.C gadget has been notified by Apple to stop marketing and sale of this figure. how unfortunate. for those who already claimed yourself one of this, you are just so fortunate! this item is now officially a rare collector item.
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if you haven’t heard, the unofficial Steve Jobs Action Figure comes armed with an iPhone 4 in one hand and clad in the Jobs’ trademark combo: black long sleeve turtle neck, authentic looking Levis jeans and sneakers (are those New Balance item?), the Steve Jobs Action Figure really looks so creepily-like Jobs, albeit having a more cartoon-looking oversized head.

i was about to make my order today when i read about it’s sudden death. the toy not Jobs. if any of you guys are holding on to one and willing to part with it. please drop me an email. i want one, badly…

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