Caviar Tyrannophone T-rex-themed iPhone 13 Pro

Dinosaur lovers with deep pockets and who have a thing for Apple iPhone may want to check out the Caviar T-Rex-themed iPhone 13 Pro called Tyrannophone which designs incorporate an actual fragment of a real T-rex tooth from 80 million years ago.

Caviar Tyrannophone iPhone 13 Pro

How did Caviar Phone get its hands on this precious piece of history is beyond us. Anyhoo, what makes the Tyrannophone special is not just because it has a piece of history; it is how this precious bit of history was integrated into the design that makes it really cool.

The Tyrannophone features a back cover decorated with a 3D dinosaur head crafted from titanium finished in black PVD coating. But don’t let the yellow amber eye distract you from its mouth lined with razor-sharp teeth because one of the teeth actually contains an insert from a fragment of a real t-rex tooth. I told you right? It’s a clever integration.

Caviar Tyrannophone iPhone 13 Pro

It is super rare, alright, and as such on 7 units now the Tyrannophone is available for sale, each commanding at least US$8,610.

The Tyrannophone is part of the Caviar’s Terra collection which also includes a phone with a back that has been “clawed” by some monster, called Monsterphone (from US$7,760) and a diamond-loaded Terradiamond that cost a whopping US$49,240-US$59,700.

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The Terradiamond packs no less than 1,028 diamonds, 128 rubies on 18K engraved old, and is only offered with 1 Terabyte for obvious reason. Only 99 copies of the Monsterphone are in circulation and just 18 copies of the Terradiamond are available.

It is worthy to note that Caviar Phone isn’t the first to incorporate part of dinosaur fossil into gadgets; the pioneer in luxing up gadgets, Stuart Hughes, did it a decade ago with an Apple iPad.

Images: Caviar Phone.