Giant Flying Octopus Kite Lords Over Singapore’s Sky

At one point, some Singaporeans must have thought they have met impending doom when they witnessed an alien overlord hovering above Marina Barrage. Luckily, it wasn’t so. Singapore is a tiny island, which means it will take a while before alien can spot it from outer space. They (the aliens) will probably find Sarawak a much easier find, or they will land on U.S.A first, as it always happen in the movies. Anyways, as you can see from the screenshot and the video after the break, this thing is enormous. Like, really, really enormous. It is so big that it makes the flying squid next to it looks like child’s play. According to Singapore’s national paper, The Straits Times, it took six people to get this thing up into the sky and keeping it aloft was another challenge.

Show Kites Singapore, a kite-flying enthusiast group, was responsible for this monstrosity which they refused to disclose how big the giant flying octopus was. There was hint that it is as long as five buses lined up together. Ermmm, which is how long, exactly? We have no idea. Let me go measure the bus to figure it out. Oh wait. I think we found the length; the one that took to the sky over Marina Barrage was a grand 60 meters long! (that’s nearly 200 feet!) Holy shit. That’s enormous!. Apparently, the kite was made in China by a kite-making specialist called Weifang FullFar Kites and was brought in at an undisclosed price. But then again, you wouldn’t want to know, right? Because storage of this thing will be an equally huge problem. Like, literally.

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Anywho, this particular Giant Flying Octopus Kite is not the biggest Weifang FullFar Kites has made; previously there was a record-breaking 100m (330 feet!) example made for China kite enthusiast, Tao-Liu. Keep going to catch the alien overlord, no wait, I mean Giant Flying Octopus Kite gracefully soar in the sky.

Screengrab via Erich Chew’s YouTube video.

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