Up to this point, we have accepted that virtual reality equals to a block of gadget slapped across our eyes, but really, that need not be the case, not if LUCI can help it. Introducing the LUCI immers Immersion-on-Demand VR Headset. OK. Maybe it does not look like one (a headset). It is more like glasses. In fact, LUCI did not specifically said that it is a headset, neither did it say it is a pair of goggles or glasses; it is just Immersion-on-Demand. That is. In a way, a weighty headset makes you remember that you are not as immersive as it should, but with the LUCI immers it is lightweight enough (that’s mere 185g, btw) to make you forget that you have a gadget across your eyes.

On top of that, it also promised crazy specification like whopping 3,000+ ppi display that enables it to spit out 3D 4K images to enable, in the company’s own words, “the most immersive experiences to date.” Beyond that, little is known about this still elusive VR gadget, but I guess all will be revealed when LUCI bring this make-you-look-like-X-men-Cyclops VR glasses to the CES. Speaking of which, LUCI will also introduce the company’s second product, alyx by LUCI, an all-in-one VR wearable. If you happen to be at the year’s biggest electronic event, you can hit up LUCI’s booth in South Hall 1, booth #21042 to have a look at the devices in flesh.

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Image: LUCI.

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