Artist Jason Freeny, who is most notable for the dissected series of figures/sculptures, has given the classic balloon dog a twist with Mr. Twisty. In Jason’s magic hands, the iconic balloon dog is turned into a coin-operated kiddie ride sculpture, complete with a saddle and handle.

Mr. Twisty (Spooky Edition) by Jason Freeny

Obviously, the Mr. Twisty (Spooky Edition) by Jason Freeny – presented by toymaker Mighty Jaxx – isn’t an actual, rideable coin-operated kiddie ride. It is a sculpture that measures a respectable 9 inches and it is of vinyl. The Mr. Twisty (Spooky Edition) by Jason Freeny isn’t the first.

As the product name suggests, this is the Spooky Edition, a variation of the artist’s original fun piece, which also includes a Vandalized Edition

Mr. Twisty (Spooky Edition) by Jason Freeny

For this spooky edition, Mr. Twisty has given a colorway inspired by spooky attractions like the haunted house. Presented in a new coat of green and purple colorway, the fun Mr. Twisty has been turned into a scary kiddie ride.

It is complete with its name in common-to-horror movies/attractions fonts and a strange goo oozing out of its base (Slimer, is that you???).

Mr. Twisty (Spooky Edition) by Jason Freeny

You may learn more about this awesome of Mr. Twisty HERE or hit up the product page on Mighty Jaxx to pre-order the figure/sculpture, for US$199. Shipping is slated to happen in May 2023.

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Images: Mighty Jaxx.

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