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4D Master Anatomical Gummi Bear by Jason Freeny

remember Jason Freeny? well, perhaps you don’t, but we are quite sure you have seen, at some point in time, illustration of fictional characters depicting their anatomy. well, that’s the work of Jason Freeny. among Freeny’s work, the most iconic, if could use ‘iconic’ to describe it, is the Anatomical Gummi Bear. obviously, this is work of fantasy and awesome imagination cos’ the last time you ate any gummi bears, you didn’t spit out bones or liver, or any internal organs, did you and this is what makes this work of art so super duper cool. no. we are not morbid. it just look so cool and cute – despite having the innards in plain view. anyway, if you haven’t heard, Freeny has created a line of toys based on his illustrations and among them, is the 4D Master Anatomical Gummi Bear. Continue reading 4D Master Anatomical Gummi Bear by Jason Freeny

artist in focus: Graphic & Sculpture Artist Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny Cutaway 7-inch Anatomical Mickey Mouse 544x288px
(image credit: Jason Freeny/Moist Production) Cutaway 7″ Anatomical Mickey Mouse (Modified Vinyl Action Figure)

you must be wondering why would a tech-related blog dwells on art-matter? if you haven’t already notice, this is a fusion blog from the very beginning. it has a wide variety of focuses like most of us do in real life. some of us live and breathe tech for a living but on the other side of our life we have keen interests in lifestyle such as art appreciation or fashions. in our second installment of ‘artist in focus’, we put our focus on a very talented individual by the name of Jason Freeny. Freeny is an industrial designer by education, an interfaced designer by day and an artist by night. Continue reading artist in focus: Graphic & Sculpture Artist Jason Freeny