remember Jason Freeny? well, perhaps you don’t, but we are quite sure you have seen, at some point in time, illustration of fictional characters depicting their anatomy. well, that’s the work of Jason Freeny. among Freeny’s work, the most iconic, if could use ‘iconic’ to describe it, is the Anatomical Gummi Bear. obviously, this is work of fantasy and awesome imagination cos’ the last time you ate any gummi bears, you didn’t spit out bones or liver, or any internal organs, did you and this is what makes this work of art so super duper cool. no. we are not morbid. it just look so cool and cute – despite having the innards in plain view. anyway, if you haven’t heard, Freeny has created a line of toys based on his illustrations and among them, is the 4D Master Anatomical Gummi Bear.

the 4D Master Anatomical Gummi Bear by Jason Freeny comes as 41-piece puzzle kit that lets you have the gratification of putting the innards of the Gummi Bear together. made of plastic, the inner workings of the bear comes together as simple snap-on built, saving you the hassle and mess of adhesive. the beauty of the innards, skeleton and organs, is open for appreciation, thanks to the clear gummi bear form enclosure. the 4D Master Anatomical Gummi Bear by Jason Freeny was available through ThinkGeek for 40 bucks, but is currently out of stock and it is expected to be restocked sometime in late April. so do keep a watch out for it if you don’t want this morbidly cute collectible to slip past you. another look after the break.

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4D Master Anatomical Gummi Bear by Jason Freeny

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