Ever wonder how life is as a vampire and a priest? Well, I don’t know for sure if there are vampires in this world but with the Priest Simulator video game, you’d be able to live a life as a vampire and a priest. Yup. He heard that right. The holy career of a priest now joins the weird and wonderful world of the simulation games but with a major twist.

Priest Simulator Video Game by Asmodev

Developed by Polish independent game studio Asmodev and published by Ultimate Games S.A. (best known for its Discovery Deadliest Catch simulation game), Priest Simulator is a mockumentary action game with sandbox shooter and renovator game elements.

In fact, the protagonist isn’t quite a priest at first. Set in a grotesquely absurd world, you take on the role of Orlok, a wily vampire who accidentally becomes a priest in the village of San de Ville and have to look after the faithful while fighting the “Shatanists”.

Priest Simulator Video Game by Asmodev

Clearly, giving Sunday sermons is not part of the daily routine. However, you do have to carry out other priests’ mundane tasks like, you know, performing exorcisms, administering sacraments, and even downright administrative matters like renovating the church.

The game probably can’t let you decide whether or not priesthood or vampirehood, or both, is for you but it sure sounds like a hell lot of fun. So if repairing electrical appliances, operating the forklift, or building a garbage collection empire are far too mundane for you restless you, then perhaps a bad-ass priest may be a refreshing change.

Priest Simulator Video Game by Asmodev

The Priest Simulator is set to make its PC early-access on October 06, 2022, with 17 unique story missions and expansion over the 4-8 months. It will also likely make it to other platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, at a later date. Meanwhile, you can catch the early trailer below (warning: mayhem ahead!) or learn more over at the game’s Steam page where you can also add it to your Steam wishlist.

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Images: Asmodev.

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