Good Smile Company 1/7 Scale Asuka Langley Figure

In Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, Asuka Shikinami Langley was like in the series the designated pilot of Evangelion Unit-02 but with a different personality who has a thing for Shinji.

Good Smile Company 1/7 Scale Asuka Langley Figure

In 3.0, she was portrayed as a 28-year-old trapped in the physical age of 14 due to the Curse of Eva. In the finale of the film, Asuka reverted to a grown person’s body, tearing the plugsuit that was made for the 14-year-old body.

This short yet perplexing scene to some fans like me has not been immortalized into a 1/7 scale collectible fixed pose figure by Japanese toymaker Good Smile Company. Thankfully, the figure wasn’t based on Asuka all worn out from the battle lying on the beach.

“The bright yet somewhat melancholy look in her eyes, the bare skin revealed through the gaps in her plugsuit, and the torn plugsuit itself have all been faithfully created in figure form with skillful modeling and highly precise graduated paintwork, perfectly capturing the aura of the matured Asuka.”

As you can see, adult Asuka has been depicted seated on a pile of debris while looking a little more upbeat despite all that had happened. The figure is made of plastic and comes complete with a stand. The figure is about 230 mm (9 inches) tall. It is sculpted by Kai Sasaki.

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The Good Smile Company 1/7 Scale Asuka Langley Figure is available to pre-order from the Good Smile Company US website for US$169.99 with delivery slated to happen far into the future, in March 2024. Residents of Japan can pre-order it from the Good Smile Company website for 26,800 yen.

If you are outside of Japan and the U.S., you can refer to the Good Smile Company partner shop list for GSC reps in different countries.

Good Smile Company 1/7 Scale Asuka Langley Figure

All images courtesy of Good Smile Company.