Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders

Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders
(photos: Hot Wheels) Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders | US$32.99 |

iPhone-controlled RC vehicles are not new, however one that comes in a size as tiny as a Hot Wheels car and backed by a huge establishment is far and few between. the Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders is just one of those rare gem in the huge market of iDevice-controlled toys. it is obvious that this tiny RC car is not your full-fledge RC vehicle but its wee size means you could have your RC fix just about anytime or anywhere. we are sure you have took noticed of the ‘i’ preceding the word ‘nitro’, which means it is controllable via your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. all you need is to plug in the accompanying transmitter to your iDevice’s headphone jack, download and install the free app and you are good to go. with the App, users can choose from a variety of control methods, which includes the traditional dual stick, tilt control, slide controller and draw & drive. you can even set a predetermined route and admire as your micro ride goes about executing the course. also included in this $32.99 package is a carrying case that doubles as a controller and charging unit for your cute little racer. there’s even a Ken Block Ford Fiesta version in the iNitro Speeders’ lineup. the only thing that you need to be conscious of, is not to loose it under your clutter of furniture cos’ this thing is just so tiny.

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