Star Wars: Commander iPad Game Lets You Choose The Light Or Dark Side

there is no doubt that the Star Wars franchise was the epitome of sci-fi flicks. the story was broad and comprises of several epic battles that are nothing less than defining, and if you really look at it, it is actually very well suited as a real-time strategy game. that said, we are glad folks […]

Actor/Director Tom Hanks Has An iPad App That Mimics Typing On Real Typewriter

Tom Hanks has a long and illustrious career in the movie industry. he is an actor, director, producer, screenwriter and at one point, even forayed into recording and film productions, and now Hanks has one more trade to add to his long list of resume: app developer, well, kind of. unbeknownst to some, Tom Hanks […]

Marvel Creativity Studio Stylus and App

the flair to draw is kind of like an inborn thing, but that doesn’t mean all hopes will be lost if you don’t have the knack to doodle. thanks to the Marvel Creativity Studio Stylus and App, you, or maybe just your kids, can learn the secret of drawing of some of their favorite superheroes and villains from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

Griffin MOTO TC Monster & Racer

for most part, the invasion of iPhone almost seems unstoppable. it take cares of your appointment, your entertainment needs (movies, music and all), and it also sees to your reading needs. so why stop there? how about letting it be the control of your remote control toy trucks? joining Griffin’s HELO TC and HELO TC Assault is the duo Griffin MOTO TC Monster and Racer…

Brookstone Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Spy Tank

did the James Bond movies of the recent years rekindle your passion for a career in spying? if yes, then you can keep your spying skills sharp with this sleek Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Spy Tank by Brookstone. as the 2.0 in product name implies, it is a follow-up to the original Rover…

Louis Vuitton 100 Legendary Trunks App

love everything about Louis Vuitton? then you probably would be familiar with its signature travel suitcases (aka trunks) which essentially is the icon of the Parisan fashion giant. making yourself acquainted with LV’s signature product line isn’t an overnight thing, after all, its…