the flair to draw is kind of like an inborn thing, but that doesn’t mean all hopes will be lost if you don’t have the knack to doodle. thanks to the Marvel Creativity Studio Stylus and App, you, or maybe just your kids, can learn the secret of drawing of some of their favorite superheroes and villains from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk. developed in collaboration with eKids, this hardware and app combo offers professionally illustrated coloring pages for beginners for painting up their favorite characters and even adding their own strokes using the available drawing tools. additionally, an interactive grid system provides “special drawing aids” such as side-by-side drawing canvas, line tracing and a unique “drawing scope”, thereby allowing aspiring comic artists the trade of drawing these Marvel characters.

of course, being an app designed for iPad, it also means you can do without the fancy stylus, but by using the specially designed, fat Marvel-branded stylus, it will let you unlock some extra features including “reveal” tool for coloring a page like a real pro. obviously, the app is the highlight of the show, which also allows you to build and animate action scenes with stuff like character stickers, sound effects, backgrounds and comic-mandatory speech bubbles. as a boon for stylus users, you will given unlimited access to all content and future updates. the Marvel Creativity Studio Stylus can be yours for $34.99 a pop, while the app itself is free. there’s also a deluxe version that comes with a limited edition zippered carry case which will be available from Apple Retail Stores, as well as Apple Online Store. however, last checked, both the regular and deluxe edition are not listed yet.

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  1. Does the stylus work with other apps like Sketchbook Pro and such? Or is it just designed for this particular app that comes with it?

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