contradicting to popular believe, a cold cuppa of coffee isn’t just an ice-mixed caffeinated beverage. the only way to go about getting the perfect cup of cold brew is through a complex and often expensive process of cold dripping. but that ‘complex and often expensive process’ would be things of the past – thanks to Cold Bruer Slow-Drip Coffee Maker. the Cold Bruer is another success story to emerge from crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, which saw this product achieving a whopping 645 percent in funding over its original set goal. the campaign may be concluded, but fortunately for those who missed it, you can still pre-order yours for a special price of $55, with delivery expected to be sometime in January 2014. i guess the estimated delivery date shouldn’t be a throw off, since the weather would be still pretty cold for anyone to actually enjoy cold coffee anyways.

one look at the device, you already know that ease of use is in the order. all you have to do is to introduce up to 24 ounces (about 710 ml) of water and two ounces of coffee into the Cold Bruer, adjust the drip rate and sit back and relax. after about 2-18 hours, you will be greeted with three cups of cold brewed extract which can be kept refrigerated up to two weeks. throw some ice, water or dairy in the mix, you could actually yield around six cups out of the three cups of cold coffee extracts. however, that is one part of the story; the real satisfaction would be the ability to concoct your own brew and be able to witness the process in crystal clear perspective, and that’s not to mention that the device is minimal and sleek enough for any kitchen to feel proud. check out a few more look in the gallery, or hit up the product’s Kickstarter page to learn more.

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