The Game of Life: zAPPED Edition

The Game of Life: zAPPED Edition
(photos: Hasbro) The Game of Life: zAPPED Edition | US$24.99 |

one can never truly relish the fun of board game without a physical board but that does not mean you can’t integrate modern technology into a otherwise traditional board game, which is exactly what the The Game of Life: zAPPED Edition did. this addition brings iPad and iPad app into its game equation and thereby offering an interactive gaming experience. however, traditionalist need not to worry about losing the physical touch, cos’ the familiar cars, pegs and the board are still part of the game. all you have to do is to download the free app, hand out the cars and cash (no, credit card is still not in the order yet), place your iPad on the board, and you are all set to go. the app not only offers onscreen instructions as you progresses through the game but it is also loaded with more than 100 hilarious clips from America’s Funniest Home Video, viewable whenever the player lands on the app spaces. for a modest price of $24.99, you will get a gameboard, four car movers, 52 pegs, money pack, four rubber pads, and a quick start guide. all you need is your own iPad and the free app to get started. hit the jump for some larger views of the The Game of Life: zAPPED Edition.

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