Best Forklift Operator Video Game

Ever wanted a career as a forklift operator but were not quite ready to give up your 5-figure a month salary working for a major corporation in Wall Street? Well, folks, this is precisely why a simulation game like the Best Forklift Operator video game exists.

Best Forklift Operator Video Game

With Best Forklift Operator, your skill in handling the lift truck is put to the test by, you know, moving stuff around factories and warehouses.

Your career as a forklift operating extraordinaire (or not) begins after a mandatory training, aka tutorial. The fate of the entire company’s supply chain is in your hands.

You will have to make sure the supply chain is uninterrupted, and the goods that are supposed to make it to the factories and warehouses make it to their respective destination.

Best Forklift Operator Video Game

It is a huge responsibility that is no less important than Spider-Man’s. You know what Uncle Ben said, with great power comes great responsibility.

Best Forklift Operator has just launched in Early Access on Steam which includes the first two forklifts and two warehouses with various precision-based challenges.

Best Forklift Operator is not just a mouse and keyboard, or gamepad, video game; it is a VR supported game too which is super cool. While the graphics may not be ultra-realistic, the fact that you can operate a forklift in VR FPV is as close to getting to driving an actual forklift.

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You may find the Best Forklift Operator video game on Steam Early Access for US$14.99. Meanwhile, here’s the Early Access Launch Trailer.

Images: Gamedust.