Macross, Gunhed, Gundam, Appleseed were some of the iconic Japanese mecha movies that set our imagination running wild and if you as huge as a fan for mech design stuff as us, especially those born within the Land of the Rising Sun, we bet you are going to dig the Izmojuki’s Urban Mech Model Kit. Thanks the effort by Sen-ti-nel Toys, Izmojuki’s beautiful mech will be turned into model kits which your money can buy. Sen-ti-nel Toys were at the New York Comic-Con when Nor from caught up with the design director for the Izmojuki mech line, Yuta Tobari, to find out more about this awesome, upcoming model kits.

Izmojuki’s Urban Mech Robot line of model kits are future as imagined by Japanese, as often reflected by many past and present Japanese anime and manga – a future where mech or mecha exists along side with humans, roaming the streets of Japan. It is a vastly different picture painted by western world where, more often than not, the future is depicted as more of desolated one than futuristic (think Escape From New York and Mad Max). Anyways, you can catch the interview by Nor with Tobari-san at NYCC in the embedded video below.

On a side note, Izmojuki’s Urban Mech Robot by Sen-ti-nel Toys will be launching via crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, sometime in November and so, if you are up for it, do keep your eyes peel. We will keep our eyes peeled too and we will definitely feature Izmojuki’s Urban Mech Robot when it is up on Kickstarter.

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In the meantime, you can learn more about it here:

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

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