We just came across an interesting LEGO set that is not for sale. It is the LEGO Ray the Castaway (40566) set. Ray the Castaway set is a LEGO Ideas gift-with-purchase for October. The set was based on the winning design from the 2021 LEGO Ideas contest ‘Do you want to go to the seaside?’ submitted by DadiTwins.

The LEGO Ideas Ray the Castaway is exactly what it says it is. It is a castaway, named Ray, stuck on no man’s island and who, as it seems, managed to build a cozy home on the picturesque island next to some coconut trees. It looks like Ray has built himself a raft too for the occasional cruise trips.

The set, which contains 239 pieces, further features island requisites like a parrot, crab, fish, and an empty bottle. Well, looks like this castaway isn’t quite fond of housekeeping.

LEGO Ideas Ray the Castaway Gift with Purchase

The LEGO Ray the Castaway (40566) can be yours for free with purchases of US$120 or more, and while stocks last (obviously). If you want one, you may want to act on you soon because this particular set of GWP is available until October 13.

Images: LEGO.

Hat tip: Brickfanatics.

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