Custom Nike Air Max 97 with Water

In the latest of ridiculous products, we have here the Jesus Shoes, AKA Nike Air Max 97 with holy water loaded into what used to be a pocket of air for, you know, cushioning. Created by Brooklyn-based MSCHF, the tagline of this ‘Jesus Shoes’ is walk on water. I kid you not.

Well, what can we say? We can’t say it is not true. If you slip on this pair of custom kicks, you are indeed walking on water. And not just any water, mind you. You’d be walking on holy water, 60 cc (2.03 fl. oz.) of it, pulled straight from the Jordan river.

Custom Nike Air Max 97 with Water

If that’s not enough to spell religious, there is a steel crucifix on top of the laces as well as a red blob on the tongue to represent the blood of Christ.

Completing the oh-so-religious package is the biblical verse ‘Matthew 14:25’ slapped across the side of sneakers. 14:25 is also the number used to price the shoe and no, it is NOT $14.25. You wished.

Each pair sold for $1,425. We heard it was limited to just 15 pairs (why 15? Well, you can’t make 14.25 pairs, can you?) and all of them have been snapped up.

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Although, technically, you can still pick up a pair, but it will cost you a fortune. The Air Max 97 MSCHF x INRI Jesus Shoes has been spotted being put up on sale on stockX, an online marketplace for fashion pieces.

You will have to bid for it and at the time of this post, we saw the price of a pair has been driven up to $4,000 (!). Madness.

Anywho, you may led to believe that MSCHF is super religious to conceive such a ridiculous concept. On the contrary, the intention is not literal. According to Daniel Greenberg, Head of Commerce of MSCHF, it is a statement in response to how some absurd collab culture has become.

Images: MSCHF.

Source: mixmag/YouTube (Unbox Therapy).