The official words are out on the new hybrid smartwatch from Fossil previously listed by Dutch retailer Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR, as is officially called, is a combination of the good old fashion analog time-telling and the digital goodness of a smartwatch.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR

You will be able to steal a glance at information that matters to you, such as text messages, alerts, caller ID, heart rate and activity tracking, and doing so for straight two weeks or more on a single charge. It is a perfect blend of technology into your life without looking all too geeky.

Mechanical hands and physical indexes let you in time as efficient as any traditional watch and in the center is a large, round read-out display for a bunch of information you choose to display. You can further customize the background, as well as the button to perform the function you need.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR

Basically, the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR does what a typical smartwatch does, doing things like monitors heart rate, track steps, keep a count on calories and active minutes, logging workouts, track sleep and measure progress over time – all while looking like a traditional watch.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR is available now, starting at $195.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR

Images: Fossil Group.

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